Customer Support Officer

Customer Support Officer

Goal of Position: Perform the services of training, maintenance (hardware and software), and customer support on all levels, and ensure customer satisfaction. Perform the technical evaluation on the in-house developed systems, in order to assure product quality or optimal functionality.


  Qualifications: BS or technical degree (BT/TS) in electrical, electronic, or computer field
  - Preferred one year experience
  - Web server
  - Windows server
  - Network server
  - SQL Server
  - Crystal Report

Tasks and Duties: 

  Handle direct contact with clients after sale
  Handle customer support appointments and tasks
  Schedule for training with customers and determine the material needed for client training in coordination with management
  Follow up with clients after training to ensure optimal training results
  Receive customer complaints calls and check if they can be resolved via phone
  Visit clients to solve problems and complaints if the problem couldn’t be resolved over the phone
  Computer assembly
  Write reports concerning problems and their solutions (in case they got solved), or report them to development in case there was a bug in the software
  Operating system installation and configuration
  Software installation including IDS and system applications
  Hardware and software troubleshooting
  Antivirus installation, providing Internet connections services and downloads, and follow up
  Visit sites
  Plan and install networks
  Draw and prepare network infrastructure
  Guide and direct technical staff in the customer’s institute
  Test network connectivity
  Install networking hardware and configure related software
  Test network performance
  Insure optimal performance of software at client site
  Warn client about any potential dangers, crashes, or malfunctions related to software and/or hardware
  Send a letter to the customer defining the problem and proposing a solution to confirm in case of modifications
  Modify applications’ reports upon request
  Implement workflow or parts of it and properly follow up on it
  Consultancy related to customers and development
  Data conversion and manipulation
  Maintain proper hardware, system, and software status at IDS
  Train fellow customer support members on old and newly developed products (exchange of expertise)


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