IDS Celebrates 25 Years of Success


IDS Celebrates 25 Years of Success

October 06, 2016

Beirut, September 30, 2016

On September 30, 2016, the IDS community gathered at The Coral Beach Hotel & Resort to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This joyful celebration of leadership and innovation was an occasion to express gratitude and appreciation towards our most valuable assets, our staff and our clients.

IDS founders, Sami Slim and Jamal Anouti, shared their inner thoughts about the people of IDS and key clients. The people of IDS who, through their hard work and dedication, have carried on our mission and helped achieve IDS goals despite adversity, and the key clients who believed in IDS and opened up new markets for it in a competitive world.

A quick historical brief about the journey of IDS was shared with the audience. “We thank our beloved people of IDS, without whom we could have never made it. We thank those who spent their lives relentlessly helping IDS…those who spent more time at work than with their families and loved ones. We also thank our clients who believed in us and supported us in our journey.” - said Jamal Anouti, cofounder.

The audience, staff and clients, were presented with the IDS vision for the next decade. “Business is not about large corporations any longer; it is more about small innovative ideas that could serve the globe. In this regard, IDS has launched an internal startup program which gives our own staff the opportunity to create innovative ideas, participate in startup projects, and own shares.” - said Sami Slim, cofounder.

The event was crowned in the end with the award distribution ceremony, which honored IDS veterans for their dedication and loyalty for more than 15 years.

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