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Our main focus lies in providing ready-made software products, customized software solutions, websites, and mobile applications.

Our ready-made software products comprise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Document Archiving & Document Management, Online Trading, Wealth & Asset Management, Online Banking, Loan Management, and School Management.

Our solutions diverge from a multiplicity of disciplines that are tailored to the needs of several industries such as Financial Markets & Banking, Manufacturing, Newspaper Publishing, Communication & Media, Healthcare, Aviation, Telecom and many others.

Aside of our main products and solutions, we at IDS provide the services below:

Whether it is integrating a client’s existing software assets with our packages, building software based on an existing solution, or designing a completely customized system, IDS has the expertise to complete the project efficiently in the shortest scope possible. In fact, over forty percent of IDS projects are custom development jobs.

IDS provides a full outsourcing plan for the development, implementation, and support for clients who wish to do their IT projects in-house. Out-staffing could prove to be the ideal solution at times of employee shortage, peak season, and employee leave, without the need to spend time and resources on head hunting and training. This also includes outsourcing IT Support needs to our qualified team of support technicians.

We provide clients with the needed support for their applications. Should the need arise; they will always get the needed help to maximize business efficiency. We are also committed to regularly performing remote administration and diagnostics of the system and executing the necessary maintenance. A customized support solution could be designed for the most demanding projects.

Our Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) ensure that users and administrators obtain the required knowledge and expertise to efficiently manipulate the system, while allowing them to address their line of work’s challenges. They monitor the progress onsite until full operational efficiency is reached.

Combining art and technology, our expert team of Graphic & Web Designers is capable of merging visuals, ideas, and concepts, to enhance your brand’s image and interactivity both digitally and in print. The services provided by our graphic design team include:

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