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  •   Standard Edition Enterprise Edition


    Yearly $1,000 $3,000


    # of users 2 Unlimited



    English & Arabic Interface YEs YEs

    User-Defined Start of Fiscal Year YEs YEs

    Multi-Year Support YEs YEs

    Possibility to Keep Several Consecutive Years Open YEs YEs

    Simultaneous Usage of Open Years with Closure or Modification of Previous Years YEs YEs

    Multi-Currency with Dual-Base Currencies YEs YEs

    Form & Function Based User Security Access YEs YEs

    Value Added Tax (VAT) - Full Integration YEs YEs

    Account Based Security Access YEs YEs


    Fully Customizable Chart of Accounts YEs YEs

    Category-Based Hierarchical View of Chart of Accounts YEs YEs

    Ability to create Template Charts of Accounts YEs YEs

    Check Book Management    

    Gyro Check & Check-Book Full Management YEs YEs

    User-Defined Check Types YEs YEs

    Unlimited Number of Check-Books YEs YEs

    Smart Search for Checks YEs YEs

    Listing of Outstanding Checks YEs YEs

    Listing of Maturing Checks YEs YEs

    Entries and Transactions    

    Dual Transaction Numbering Scheme YEs YEs

    Smart Search Embedded Tool to Query Accounts during Transaction Entry YEs YEs

    Ability to Design Custom Groups of Accounts for Reporting Purposes YEs YEs

    Account Audit in any of the Base Currencies & Account Currency YEs YEs

    Journal Entry Listing YEs YEs

    Journal Entry Logs for Security Purposes YEs YEs


    User-Defined Reports that Combine Different Account Balances for Comparison Purposes YEs YEs

    Export of Reported Data to Popular Applications like Spreadsheets, HTML, MS Word, E-Mail, etc. YEs YEs

    Search for DR, CR, & Balance Amounts YEs YEs

    Year Closure    

    Step-by-Step, Validated, & Automatic Fiscal Year Closure YEs YEs

    Automatic Transfer of Balances upon Closure to the Opening Balances of the Next Year YEs YEs

    Pause/Resume Options for Fiscal Year Closure - System Automatically Disables Previously Completed Steps YEs YEs

    Ability to Reverse a Fiscal Year Closure Procedure YEs YEs

    Multi-option Trial Balance with Income Statement YEs YEs

    Income Statement YEs YEs

    Balance Sheet YEs YEs

    Fixed Assets    

    Full Integration with Accounting Module YEs YEs

    Full Multi-Currency Support YEs YEs

    Flexible Management of Tangibles & Intangibles YEs YEs

    Ability to Add Value on Existing Fixed Asset YEs YEs

    Automatic Assignment of Depreciation Schedules According to the Lebanese Accounting Standards YEs YEs

    Reporting of Accumulated Depreciation, Yearly Depreciation Expense, Monthly Depreciation Expense, Book Value, & Residual Value YEs YEs

    Easy Search for Assets by Asset Number or Name YEs YEs

    Recurring or Manual Depreciation Expense Posting YEs YEs

    Fixed Assets Trial Balance YEs YEs

    Notes and Accounts Payable    

    Full Multi-Currency Support YEs YEs

    Value Added Tax (VAT) - Full Support YEs YEs

    User-Defined Supplier Categories YEs YEs

    Pre-Defined Supplier Information YEs YEs

    Supplier Ledger YEs YEs

    Supplier Account Statement YEs YEs

    Listing of All Notes Payable YEs YEs

    Supplier Credit Restriction YEs YEs

    Notes and Accounts Receivable    

    Full Multi-Currency Support YEs YEs

    Value Added Tax (VAT) - Full Support YEs YEs

    Full Integration with Inventory Control Module YEs YEs

    User-Defined Client Categories YEs YEs

    Pre-Defined Client Information (Addresses, Payment Terms, GL Distribution Accounts) YEs YEs

    Client Debit Restriction on Accounts Receivable YEs YEs

    Alerts User when Debit Limit is Exceeded YEs YEs

    Multiple User-Defined Payment and Discount Terms YEs YEs

    Client Account Statement YEs YEs

    Customer Invoice and Receipt History YEs YEs

    Invoice & Receipt Printing YEs YEs

    Listing of all Receivables YEs YEs

    Cost Centers    

    Full integration with General Ledger & Inventory Control modules YEs YEs

    Multi-currency support YEs YEs

    Value Added Tax (VAT) full support. YEs YEs

    Hierarchical structure YEs YEs

    Cost center trial balance that facilitates account monitoring. YEs YEs

    Cost center based income statement. YEs YEs

    User-defined depreciation allocation upon cost center YEs YEs

    Advanced Features    

    Recurrent Vouchers × YEs

    Attachments to vouchers × YEs

    Multiple db/cr in payments and receipts × YEs

    Monthly Closing × YEs

    Deferred voucher posting × YEs

    Voucher Installments × YEs

    User rights on accounts × YEs

    User rights on cost centers × YEs

    Budgeting × YEs

    Bank Reconciliation × YEs

    Payment Allocation × YEs


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