Goal of Position: 

  • Manage one or more products in the department by being the final reference in the product.
  • Manage and work fully (or partially) in the development of software, customization, and performance enhancement, bug fixing and new updates.
  • Manage one or more projects related to clients having advanced needs in implementation of multiple products installed by IDS and/or other products from other companies.


  • Qualifications: BS or MS degree in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Computer Science or equivalent
  • Certification: PMP 
  • Experience: at least 5 years’ experience in related field
  • Skills: Project Management, Team Leading, Database and Development

Tasks and Duties:

  • Establish, document, and update the project plan.
  • Monitor work to ensure that the project plan is implemented correctly.
  • Conduct meetings with clients for requirements collection.
  • Discuss requirements and specifications with team leader.
  • Participate in analysis of requirements.
  • Keep documentation about future plans, time scheduling and delays.
  • Decision-making concerning assigned product for customization, updates and bug fixes.
  • Interfere in all technical meetings with clients concerning products he manages.
  • Keep track of raised issues and discussions concerning the product.
  • Make plans for implementation of different products at the client site
  • Decide on priorities for bug fixes and modifications
  • Discuss new specifications concerning the product with system analysts
  • Keep a log of bugs and solutions (version release notes)
  • Inform C/S people of modifications, releases and delays
  • Quality control the product
  • Conduct meetings with clients for requirements collection
  • Discuss requirements and specifications with team leader
  • Participate in Analysis of requirements
  • Demonstration on developed products
  • Assign work to the team
  • Record tasks in daily worksheets
  • Apply the exact deal done by IDS with the client
  • Be aware of what is billed and not billed and inform billing people of what to next bill and when based on previous deals and general billing policies of the company
  • Follow up on client’s new requirements, personnel skills, and what is done inside IDS for this Client or project
  • Coordinate tasks done by development and Customer support and billing for this client
  • Discuss with the client the actual situation and the future plans
  • Responsible for the documents related to the project
  • Schedule project implementation and staff training and plan this with the customer support manager and the development manager through periodical meetings
  • Transfer requests and bugs reported by client to the team leader
  • Meet with customer support to discuss issues related to the client and read support report and ask customer support department extra info about specific issues
  • He is the responsible for what his client needs and answer for deficit in production related to this client
  • Fill standard progress report for the project on periodical terms (weekly or monthly) based on how much effort is needed for the client