Goal of Position: 

  • The Robotic Process Automation Expert builds, designs, develops, and implements RPA systems. Moreover, monitors and maintains automation post-implementation and resolving any potential issues to ensure smooth business operations.


  • Qualifications:
    • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • Experience: 
    • +5 years of Experience RPA Automation Anywhere + Chatbot Amplify Reach

Tasks and Duties:

  • Design, develop, and test automation workflows
  • Deploy RPA components including bots, robots, development tools, code repositories and logging tools
  • Support the launch and implementation of RPA solutions
  • Create process and end-user documentation
  • Assure the quality of the automation (QA processes)
  • Work with Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, QA Analysts, Product Owners, and other cross-functional resources to define and deliver business impacting projects
  • Work directly with stakeholders to capture business requirements and translate them into technical approaches and designs that can be implemented
  • Collaborate with development team members to ensure proper implementation and integration of the solutions
  • Maintain current knowledge of relevant technologies and business processes
  • Design automation processes as per the operational needs of an organization
  • Scripting and coding in any RPA tool to resolve automation issues
  • Review the code and the design and also providing expertise in the development, and integration of systems
  • Configure new automation with efficient and easily understandable automation tools
  • Document the automation procedures
  • Map processes and Data flow
  • Model and develop robotic automations
  • Support users by using robots
  • Solve the problems which arise at the day-to-day automation and redesign accordingly
  • Collaborate with teams and other developers to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain chatbot (virtual assistant)
  • Use Artificial Intelligence, NLP technologies, and cognitive machine learning to develop chatbot applications
  • Maintain and enhance chatbot platform to meet changing needs
  • Integrate chatbot solutions with multiple platforms
  • Troubleshoot bots, debug, and deploy chatbots on various channels
  • Reengineer chatbot applications as per requirements
  • Enhance user effectiveness of chatbot with the help of advanced technologies
  • Involve in all the stages of chatbot development from architecting to implementing
  • Conduct Chabot demo/training and other activities
  • Act as an expert on the various AI capabilities and actively participate in future product development opportunities
  • Design and implement processes and strategies to enhance the end-user experience
  • Manage data coming from chatbot conversations and analyze them
  • Continuously monitor Chatbot performance & report on the progress