LIBNOR’s Website Goes Live

12 May 2016

IDS is thrilled to announce the launching of LIBNOR’s website that we fully designed and developed following OMSAR Website Standards and Guidelines.

The Lebanese Standards Institution (LIBNOR) is a public institution attached to the Ministry of Industry given the rights to prepare, publish and amend national standards, as well as to grant the Lebanese Conformity Mark NL. With their new website gone live, LIBNOR can now publish their national Standards of practice for professional and structural work online.

The website visitors will be exposed to the institution’s standardization procedures, and will be allowed to submit requests to buy Standards (International and Lebanese) and understand more about Conformity Assessments and Quality Management. The website displays the latest news and events of the institution; and provides an option for Live Chat. It also gives the committee members of LIBNOR the ability to login and propose their concepts concerning new standards.

In order to make the interface user-friendly and non-traditional, our designers made sure to stick to the required structures set by OMSAR using more advanced technologies and much modernized features including but not limited to a Responsive Layout.

To visit LIBNOR‘s website click here.